Crisis PR


  • The first step when a crisis situation occurs is to determine the elements of the crisis.
  • This involves a careful analysis and respectively finding answers to a few questions that outline the parameters of the crisis:

    1. Agent / origin / crisis; major speakers, actors and directors.
    2. Scale, depth and development.
    3. Motives for inducing it.
    4. Consequences of developing it, distinguishing between the personal and corporate implications of a possible attack.
    5. Determining the environment and the channels through which the crisis unfolds.


  • Second-the responce algorithm
    1. Maximum closing of the crisis channels, both media and non-media; neutralization of the middle.
    2. Barrage of the arguments, rationalization of the crisis.
    3. Transition into discussion and exchange of views.
    4. Communicating one's own messages.
    5. Opening own channels.


    It should be borne in mind that the detailed algorithm described here is most often implemented in a situation of interplay between the individual steps and it is often done at a serious constraint of time, a matter of hours.