Corporate and personal image making


Let's say that we take as a starting point the maxim that no one can lie to everybody forever. In this case, we recognize that a personal and corporate image has to clarify and emphasize the existing qualities, values, vision, making them recognizable and memorable. Therefore, we believe that building a sustainable image is associated more with investigation and demand rather than fabrication.

- The first urgent step is to clarify who/which is the person/organization behind the "face" - what's their story, what were their beliefs so far, what are their aims;

- Then we look at this image in the mirror of the others - how this person/organization was seen before; Does their public image correspond to the truth about them?

- Then we look around to see if this person/organization has a "twin" or "double" with which the audience might confuse them and from which we need to distinguish them;

- It is important to know whether the image we are trying to highlight today will be satisfactory in five or ten years - we are trying to see the person/ organization in the future;

- Only then do we start work on sculpting the image.


  • Training on media behavior
  • We are always happy when our clients realize the need for training in media behavior. Along with some of the most experienced Bulgarian journalists we organize training for behavior on camera and on the radio. Of particular importance to us is the other part of the training - responding to journalists' questions. It is a truism that few people are able to tackle aggressive and sharp questions, especially if they confidently believe in their own rightness and the journalist's bias against him. Surprisingly, we have found that there is a more complex task than helping a person to overcome negativity and frustration from a verbal attack. And this is to make it out of the potentially more dangerous grip the seemingly well-intentioned interview that always has its underwater boulders.

  • Internet/Social Networking
  • Let's hope that the times are now long gone of the ridiculous campaigns of paid trolls crawling around forums under twenty different nick names from one and the same ip address and messages written by someone else. We deeply doubt it that this was ever a winning strategy, but in recent years it has become apparently the losing one. When it comes to on-line reputation, we share the modest principle that the goal is that all links that the first page of Google lists when you write the name of a company or organization should carry positive information. For this to happen, one should make an effort to fill the internet space with one’s own messages. We therefore propose:

    - Developing, maintaining and promoting Facebook pages;

    - Creation, maintenance and promotion of a system of blogs;

    - Development and maintenance of websites.


  • Design and visual solutions
  • Once some of us, who found themselves at a vernissage in a district city gallery partly on business, witnessed the following confession by a local artist, "I'm doing the cover of a book now. The client requested the following - a beautiful woman in a long dress and jewelry crying. At her feet a fallen knight is kissing her hands. Behind them stands upright a monk with a sorrowful countenance, with one hand holding a book, the other pointing to hell. Over the group an albatross hovers. The action takes place on a ship. " In general we tend to sympathize with the artist and prefer the simple and modern design that allows for more imagination on the part of the recipient. But if necessary, the action can take place also onboard a ship...


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