Internal PR


Employees of a company and / or the supporters of an organization are the most important stakeholders in its world. They should have access to information on all decisions and actions of their company / organization; to receive emotional not only rational motivation; to be able to express their disagreement and criticisms without apprehension.


  • Issurance of internal corporate newspapers and flyers

    Of course, there are cheaper and faster ways to exchange opinions between employees and the management of a company, such as a closed intranet or a Facebook page. But a corporate newspaper supplements these forms without repealing them. Because it will always be more valuable to see an interview with yourself or one of your wedding photos on paper, and it is much more comfortable to show one day to your heirs a newspaper page rather than a screen shot of a Facebook page. The corporate newspaper creates a sense of belonging and allows for the expression of employees more than anything else. Not to mention that given the current state of the print media in this country, some corporate papers enjoy a safer and higher circulation than newspapers with much higher claims.


  • Organization of corporate team building events and holidays

    All happy corporate families resemble each other just as all unhappy ones are unhappy in their own way. Not everyone would be glad to go rafting, and some would say paint ball is a game for pensioners. Believe it or not, there are still organizations / organisms for which the best way for getting to know each other and for rapprochement - clarification of positions is still spending a few hours together in a restaurant. Here's our memory of the funniest and friendliest team building we've given to ourselves as a gift (once again thanks to Svetlyo Karadjov for the pictures and to Slav for the makeup, fake blood and styling/: