Event Management


  • Writing a script

    A scenario never begins with the opening of the event. Often, especially when it comes to an event that needs to gather people from different geographical areas, this scenario starts up to 48 hours in advance. And it never ends with the closing of the event. Within the script, if necessary, we provide assistance for writing speeches and greetings.

  • Filling the guest list, writing and sending invitations
  • Everyone knows that the protocol requirements for compiling a list of those invited to an official event are so time-consuming as is the actual search for the exact addresses and titles of invitees. Additional phone calls to specify the presence of the guests is a necessary reminder: if we overdo it however, this turns into a warning to guests to miss the event.

  • Organization of transportation, facilities, catering, sound
  • We believe in an old Indian wisdom from the 16th century: if the event takes place outdoors in summer, for sure there will be rain with thunders; if it takes place under an awning during any season, a half hour before the start a storm will break. Therefore, in hiring facilities and sound equipment, we tend to act as the most philistine-minded of the three little pigs - we build a solid house and laugh at the wolf from the inside.

  • Preparing press folders and gifts
  • Guests rarely listen carefully to the speeches at such events, especially if they last more than 10 minutes. This does not mean that they show no interest in the organizers of the event. Therefore, we believe it mandatory, before they leave, to provide them with information that might interest them in the form of brochures, books, or digital storage devices. As for the gifts, we could never fully understand the unfading fashion of branded umbrellas or thematic puzzles. The most elegant gift that we have organized was a unique gold coin produced by the Mint of the Bulgarian National Bank; the most nonsensical - we'll spare you the details.