Links with communities


  • Public hearings

    Public discussions of investment projects are one of the most intense forms of contact with local communities. When citizens have the opportunity to influence decisions affecting directly and closely their lives, the environment in which they live, and the economic outlook for their region, rarely someone remains silent. A successful public hearing for us is one in which everyone gets the right to freely express their personal opinion. Otherwise, we know that it is unlikely that discussions would go smoothly, it is almost impossible not to see conflict situations arise and it is quite certain that it will not go without an exchange of heated remarks between opponents. The poise of our team, the respect that we demonstrate to all viewpoints, our ability to tackle attacks with a sense of humor and, last but not least, the well-established procedure for recording meetings have flawlessly helped us so far in all situations

  • Information centres
  • Even today, in а time of rapidly flowing information, the enormous potential of the media and social networks cannot substitute for direct contact and direct persuasion. The setting up of an information center that attracts real people for a conversation, debate or even a cup of coffee, not virtual “Likes”, can be of considerable benefit to each investment project. Depending on the needs of the region where the project is planned, the information center can offer training and education courses, receive job applications, sometimes even serve as an Internet cafe. But mostly its goal is to explain, in an accessible and friendly way, the purpose of the project and its impact on the economy of the region. Not surprisingly, some experts argue that, based on the quality of the information center, one can judge how seriously a company regards its corporate social responsibility. Our team has accumulated considerable experience in setting up information centers - both positive and negative, so we are well prepared for this task.

  • Publishing periodic newspapers and distributing brochures
  • Free newspapers issued in support of a project on behalf of the investor, as well as eye-catching brochures and flyers, are certainly not the most direct route to the heart of local communities. Their a priori claim is: "Someone publishes us in order to convince you in something to their own advantage," so we cannot expect these publications to receive an enthusiastic vote of confidence. Moreover, there is always the problem of distribution - to organize groups of enthusiasts to put them in the mailboxes of people is, to say the least, direct invasion in their privacy. Yet the lack of such materials may be a serious drawback. If one in ten persons seeks further information in writing and feels disappointed over not finding such, this already makes the absence of newspapers and brochures a very expensive omission.

  • Organization of discussions, lectures, cultural and sporting events, open days
  • Such events, especially cultural and sporting events, are often part of the program of corporate social responsibility. It depends on their good organization and preliminary solving of all possible risks what general impression of the company’s work will be left in people. Far different is the case when it appears necessary to organize discussions and general meetings on an ad hoc basis. Often the reason for such gatherings is an act of dissatisfaction among the local community. We believe that the responsible attitude to any justified criticism and the sincere desire for change expressed and demonstrated during such meetings can solve misunderstandings, overcome mistrust, and build a healthy relationship between business and society.