"The employees of Orange PR worked in sync with the internal PR department of the National Insurance Institute (DZI) in the following areas

    - Planning, organizing and conducting press conferences and subsequent media coverage

    - Providing exclusive interviews with executives from DZI in the national press

    - Crisis PR

    - Distribution of press releases /product PR/

    - Full media press clipping/monitoring

    - Trainings on media behavior of the senior management of companies

    - Preparation of case studies"

Advertising and PR Department, National insurance Institute, 2001


„In March 2000, IBCOL Bulgaria turned to ORANGE PR Agency, managed by Ms. Djambazova, with a request to organize the first official presentation of EADS in Bulgaria. The event was hold in the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the presence of the Ambassadors of the German Ambassador, VIP and high-level officers from the Bulgarian authorities and had a great media response.
The event was completely prepared, organized and hold by ORANGE PR Agency. The professional, accurate and intelligent attitude shown by the agency’s team is impressible.”

IBCOL Bulgaria, 2002


„During the period October 2000 to July 2001, you provided us with the following services:

    - Managing meetings with journalists

    - Providing media coverage

    - Organizing exclusive interviews

    - Preparing situation analyses and overviews

    - Adapting and distributing press-releases

    - Performing complete media monitoring

We were very happy with the quality of these services and with the way you and your team conducted yourselves. Yours is a truly professional organization that we would be happy to recommend to others”

EURECO-Amsterdam, 2002


“In the beginning of 2003 our company turned to Orange PR with the request to provide services in support of our public communication strategy in Bulgaria, regarding the acquisition of RADISSON SAS Grand Hotel Sofia and our participation in the bid for ADIS privatization.
We would like to express our great impression of the highly qualified services Orange PR provided and the professional level, knowledge and loyalty its team demonstrated.”

GORT Investment§Development, 2003


"The team of Orange PR agency was actively involved in the whole process of the public hearings of the Environmental Impact Assessment report - from the preparation of a strategy for effective public access to the production of information materials. The conducting of public hearings on the report was technically provided for by the agency’s team and skillfully led by Vera Djambazova. Thanks to the professionalism and good preparation of the agency's team, the discussion of the document in the villages of Chelopech and Chavdar went under strict regulations and good organization."

Chelopech Mining EAD, 2005


"It is a pleasure to work with Orange PR agency and with conviction born of experience, we are pleased to recommend this company."

Balkan Mineral and Mining EAD June 30, 2006


"The Bulgarian representation of DuPont worked with Orange PR agency at the opening of its integrated office in Sofia in November 2007, during the presentation of One DuPont Offer within the Bulgarian Building Week. While working with Orange PR agency we were convinced of the high quality of their services in the field of public relations, in their innovative approach and creativity, as well as the loyalty of the team."

DuPont's trade representation in Bulgaria, 2008


"The conducting of the public hearing on the EIA report on An integrated system of facilities for treatment of household waste on the territory of Sofia Municipality was ably led by the representative of Orange PR agency. Thanks to the professionalism and good preparation of the agency's team, the public hearings passed under strict regulations and good organization - in the course of the discussions the Agency team actively participated in the organization and demonstrated loyalty and timely responses to situations of various nature."

Environment Directorate, Sofia Municipality, 2008


"The Bulgarian National Radio worked with the team of Orange PR agency under contract of March 20, 2009 for full media services of the BNR, including organizing an information campaign on technological innovations in the media, as well as opening new regional radio stations in district cities, organizing PR and advertising campaigns and events, expert advice, and monitoring of all mass media.
During our work we were convinced of their high professionalism in the conducting of information and media campaigns, in their innovation, creativity and loyalty."

Bulgarian National Radio, 2010


"Within the two campaigns Orange PR agency undertook the organization of the Open Day for over 300 potential subcontractors from across the country; a series of direct meetings with the public, press conferences and interviews with company representatives for national and local media. During our work together, in performing its commitments, Orange PR agency demonstrated integrity, professionalism and loyalty and proved the existence of the necessary experience and professional skills for managing similar campaigns."

AES - 3C Maritza East 1 TPP EAD, 2010


"The management of the subsidiary of Dundee Precious Metals Ltd, Chelopech Mining EAD, has been working with Orange PR agency for eight years. During this period we have repeatedly commissioned the agency with the organization of media, information and advertising campaigns of various nature. It is a pleasure to work with Orange PR agency."

Chelopech Mining EAD, 2012